Multimedia Journalist/Reporter

Thorough research fact-based approach, centred on human and environmental storytelling, is essential to sustainability and the search for common ground within objectivity 

  • Multimedia event reporting
  • Fact Checking & Editorial Literacy 
  • Communication plans

Photographer/ Photojournalist

Giving the opportunity to document, showcase and archive memorable and impactful life events through quality content with not just photography but guaranteed visual photo-journalism storytelling with attention to detail

  • Initial consult of interested project, goals and objectives on scope 
  • Pre-production shooting list and schedule
  • Photography shooting and notetaking
  • Establish marketing strategy for photography and photojournalism


With an enhanced attention to detail combined with creative eye, have your story told and documented that highlights and is put in the spotlight unheard voices 

  • Initial consult of interested project, goals and objectives on scope 
  • Pre-production shooting  & question list and schedule
  • Filming Production of documenting and interviewing
  • Post-Production of transcribing, drafting editing script, music selection and editing on top of the line Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software
  • Establishing marketing strategy 

Media Trainer & Mentor

Frustrated, overwhelmed, or unheard? Build a greater understanding of  news and media industry from a journalist. More importantly, learn how to tell your own story whether through writing, photography, radio/podcast, or video….

  • Compassionate mentor for persons of all ages – youth to elders
  • Development of regular meetings and deadlines to accommodate individual or community – in office meeting or after school or work programs
  • Video training
  • Project based projects
  • Consult with stakeholders on concerns, gaps, needs and wants

Workshop trainings include:

  • Media Literacy – critical thinking(scrolling) on fact/informational content vs advertising/propaganda
  • Ethics and accountability of online communication and diplomacy
  • Countering fake news though research tools
  • Communications and marketing – training that values transparency and openness: writing press releases, intelligent social media management and confidence building in informative writing that is informative to public