During an intensive 1-year condensed journalism degree, Karli Zschogner was hired as a News Coordinator under CKDU.fm community radio.

In a 9-episode show, she single-handedly reports and hosts ULead, a news and current affairs show for Dalhousie University and the University of King’s College, with a human rights focus. 

ULead aired on CKDU.fm Fridays 10:30am from February to April 2018 in Halifax. Theme song by Siddharth Kedare.

Listen and check out list of episodes on CKDU.fm

Episodes include interviews with and related on:




Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative, CBC’s Anna Maria Tremonti, and researchers in Indigenous intergenerational trauma




Reflections from Dennis Edney as lawyer for Omar Khadr, Canadian understanding of human right law and child soldiers




What is reconciliation without truth? Discussions with Anishinaabe Comedian and Media Producer Ryan McMahon



Dalhousie University Student Union’s first Mi’kmaq President on the value of incorporating Indigenous traditional knowledge into academia and institutions.


Professor Gordon McOuat discusses bridging the silos of technology and ethics in autonomous weapons as drones.