Karli has pitched and reported on numerous multimedia print and digital news stories. Centered on the interconnectivity of human rights, she has covered beats on: Indigenous, International, LGBTQ2, Health, Law, Retirement, Arts, Music, Sports and Agriculture.

Story about first Indigenous Arctic pilot ‘Freddie the Flyer’ added to Dolly Parton library

APTN National News | Inuvik | Feb 26 2024 | A children’s book by and about local Gwitch’in pilot Freddy Carmichael has caught the eye of the Dolly Parton Children’s Imagination Library. Carmichael was the first Indigenous commercial pilot to come from the Arctic. The book, co-authored by Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail with artwork from Audrea Loreen-Wulf originally from the Arctic Ocean community of Tuktoyaktuk, was published in October 2023 in both the region’s Gwich’in and Inuvialuktun languages.

Inuvik Inuvialuit-owned restaurant Mamaqtuq hoping to change culinary landscape in N.W.T.

APTN National News | Inuvik | Feb 14 2024 | From Muskox empanadas to reindeer tacos, Inuvik’s Inuvialuit-owned Mamaqtuq restaurant is breaking down barriers to local country food and harvested wildlife. “Traditional food on our menu, it’s kind of like revolutionary,” says 17-year-old Gwich’in hostess Brook-Lyn Bodnar. She says the guests love the cultural makeover of the town’s largest restaurant. The 100-seat restaurant’s décor features drums, locally made fur parkas and photography.

‘We belong in these spaces’: From the Arctic to Rome, Gwich’in Chef leading Indigenous foods program in B.C.

From Duck Tacos to creamy wild rice spruce tip soup, Stephanie Baryluk, Vancouver’s Gwich’in Chef and food educator, has been making mouths water across the country and internationally with her Indigenous cuisine, education and values. “I think the biggest thing is connection through food,” says Baryluk. “Sometimes we get lost in … not really giving the appreciation to the ingredients, how they’re collected harvested. I think we need to get back into doing that.”

Western Arctic community say lives impacted by delay in opening of ice road

APTN National News | Aklavik | Jan 26 2024 | Climate scientists show the Arctic is one of the fastest warming areas on Earth. “It’s a tough thing to try and predict because we’re not sure what’s going to happen, we know that the Earth’s climate is warming and it really affects our ways of life and how to get things done,” says the 27-year-old Gwich’in and Inuvialuk harvester-gatherer Jessi Pascal. “One of the big things that’s happening right now is the ice road.”

Elder in N.W.T. thrilled at winning territorial award for uplifting community

APTN National News | Inuvik | Jan 16 2024 | Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Inuvialuk Elder Steven ‘Guluk’ Cockney Sr. says he was “really surprised” when he heard the news that he was the winner of one of four community based awards in the Northwest Territories. “It’s something new to me, I’ve never had an award like this before in my lifetime,” says Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Inuvialuk Elder Steven ‘Guluk’ Cockney Sr. “I was really surprised.”

Inuvik festival: After 30 days of darkness, celebrating the sun's return

BBC News | Inuvik | Jan 8 2024 | The Inuvik sunrise festival in the Northwest Territories in Canada marks the return of the sun after more than 30 days of polar nights and no official sunrise. A polar night, a phenomenon when the night lasts for more than 24 hours, is caused by the rotation of the Earth in relation to the position of the sun.

PART 4 - Frank Gruben: Family, friends, N.W.T. premier call for more information

APTN Investigates | Aklavik-Fort Smith | Across the territory, including in Yellowknife, family and friends of Frank say governments have a duty to prioritize the protection of members of the 2SLGBTQQIA community, as stated over 200 times within the National Inquiry to Missing Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls and its calls to justice. “The whole community, surrounding communities, we suffer together,” says Grace Blake.

PART 3: Frank Gruben: The RCMP response and the need for missing-persons legislation

APTN Investigates | Aklavik-Fort Smith | N.W.T. RCMP say they have ‘exhausted’ investigative leads – but new legislation may empower them to gather more evidence. “Our patrol area for Fort Smith is huge,” says Yilmaz from the front seat of his patrol vehicle. “Only a fraction of it is accessible by road.”

PART 2: Frank Gruben: Inside the search

APTN Investigates | Aklavik-Fort Smith | Fort Smith is on the Alberta border and along the turbulent waters of the Slave River. On May 6, Frank Gruben went missing from Fort Smith and hasn’t been seen since. Frank Gruben, who is Gwich’in and Inuvialuk, is not the only unsolved missing person case for the family. Kalinek says her father, Frank Cecil Stewart, went missing from a work trip in Hay River, N.W.T. in September 1983.

PART 1: Frank Gruben: The night he went missing

APTN Investigates | Aklavik-Fort Smith | On the night of May 6, 2023, two days after his 30th birthday, Frank Gruben vanished without a trace from the town of Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. There are currently 80 active missing persons cases in the NWT with Frank’s being the most recent, according to the RCMP.

Sasakwe: Origins of the Healing Jingle Dress

APTN National News | Naotkamegwanning First Nation | Oct 20, 2023 | Vibrant colours and patterns of regalia glistened under sun, fireworks and lightning to the many heartbeat drums as hundreds gathered from across Turtle Island to Naotkamegwanning waterfront pow wow ground. “It’s very special to be here for the 50th Anniversary, to be Princess and being from here too,” says 13-year-old Ashanti Wilson in her new gifted beaded headdress. With the pow wow grounds filled with trailers, tents and vendors, Naotkamegwanning opened on a warm July evening with the youth dance pageant...

‘The Arctic isn’t melting anymore, it’s on fire’ says co-chair Gwich’in Council International

APTN National News | Reykjavik | Nov 3, 2023 | Trying to put a wider spotlight on the global impacts of melting permafrost in the Arctic, Canada’s Dustin Whalen and Norway’s Tina Schoolmeester launched a new 174-page print and online Arctic Permafrost Map as an exhibit at the 10th Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik, Iceland. “It’s the first atlas of its kind,” said Whalen, a scientist at Natural Resources Canada...

During the summer softball ‘is life’ says player Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk player

APTN National News | Dawson. YT | Sept 6, 2023 | Nestled in the old gold-rush town of Dawson City, Alaskan teams took the win of the 29th annual Labour Day weekend softball tournament after three years of border restrictions preventing their entrance. “It’s always good to get there on the sweetness of the cup but you have awesome teams here,” said Fairbanks Skeeters winner’s coach Carlos Parker. “The competition has become phenomenal here in Dawson.”

Inuvialuit-led pro-wrestling picking up steam in Inuvik

APTN National News | Inuvik | Aug 31, 2023 | Kids screaming the names of alter ego wrestlers could be heard outside Inuvik’s Friendship Centre last Saturday for a Totally Arctic Wrestling match. “It was cool, it was it was funny,” said Fraydee Greenland and Julianna Kay who travelled two hours by boat from Aklavik with their family members to be at the event which featured “Todd Quality” from Abbotsford, B.C.

Inuvik dedicates Fiddle and Flow Festival to N.W.T. wildfire evacuees

APTN National News | Inuvik | Sept 1, 2023 | While Inuvik lifted its wildfire evacuation alert last Friday, the town went forward with its second weekend festival Fiddle and Flow. “Music, I don’t know how to explain it, it brings me so much peace and joy just watching and playing,” said 19-year old guitar and accordion player Devon Notaina from the fly-in Beaufort Sea Inuvialuit coastal community of Ulukhaqtuuq (Ulukhaktok). “Whoever is playing music, I encourage you to keep going,” he said.

Western Arctic Aklavik Youth set to represent N.W.T. for volleyball at 2023 NAIG

APTN National News | Aklavik | June 28, 2023 |In the small Western Arctic-MacKenzie Delta community of Aklavik, two teens are busy practicing and fundraising to join NWT team for volleyball. Matthew McLeod and Larry Sittichinli set up the nets to practice their serves after their last school assembly at Moose Kerr School. Indigenous youth across Turtle Island are preparing to travel to Canada’s East Coast to Kjipuktuk (Halifax) for the 2023 North American Indigenous Games.

We need to fund more youth programs’ says Inuvik Arctic Development Expo delegate

APTN National News | Inuvik | June 19, 2023 | The small Western Arctic community of Inuvik hosted people from around the world with its 4th annual Arctic Development Expo. “I think at this expo, it’s the perfect opportunity for people to learn and find information,” said Inuvik Inuvialuit artist Bambi (Tagyiluk-Aullaran) Amos.

'Its good that we were able to race both places’ says Tuktoyaktuk Beluga Jamboree race mechanic

Inuvik Drum - NNSL Media | Tuktoyaktuk | May 4, 2023 | With the cancellation of 2020 due to the pandemic and a last minute postponement so that they were not competing with jamboree last weekend with Inuvik, this year’s 53rd was held the final weekend of April 28 to May 1.

Inuvik hosts regional pride celebration with guests from around the world

APTN National News | Inuvik | June 14, 2023 | From ambassadors from around the world to a Two-Spirit musician, youth from across the Western Arctic-Beaufort Delta gathered in Inuvik for pride events focusing on feeling comfortable in one’s own gender and sexuality. “Bringing youth together so that they can meet other people like them, that’s life-saving stuff,” said Juno Award-winning, Two-Spirit Anishinaabe/Métis musician G.R. Gritt who was in town working in youth...

German president, Canada’s governor general see Tuk erosion first-hand

YOUTH MENTORSHIP | Cabin Radio | Tuktoyaktuk | April 27, 2023 | Governor General Mary Simon, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and a delegation of more than 50 people took a four-hour tour of Tuktoyaktuk on Wednesday. At an evening gathering inside Tuk’s Kitti Hall, with residents waving German flags, Steinmeier said.

Sundogs, snowdrifts, and caribou soup: Snowmobile trip to Old Crow returns after pandemic delay

APTN National News | Old Crow, YT | April 6, 2023 | After three years of pandemic cancellations, 27 travellers left from Teetl’it Gwich’in-Fort McPherson N.W.T. crossed the snowy and windy mountains to the small Vuntut Gwich’in Yukon fly-in community of Old Crow by snowmobile. ALSO Available on Cabin Radio with Youth Mentorship: In pictures: Fort McPherson to Old Crow by snowmobile National

AWARD FINALIST: Tuktoyaktuk youth establish a House of Hope to help others

Cabin Radio | Tuktoyaktuk | Dec 14, 2022 | Tuktoyaktuk’s House of Hope is offering a safe space for youth to play games and talk to a staff of volunteers about struggles they may be facing. CHECK OUT: Cabin Radio is finalist for mental health reporting award

‘That’s legitimate cool’: Songwriters in Paulatuk reflect on recording with N’we Jinan in N.W.T.

APTN National News | Paulatuk | Feb 22, 2023 | Bundled up for the -35 degree winter weather, 12-year-old Susan Illasiak can’t stop singing the verse she wrote and sung with cousins and friends in the Inuvialuit fly-in community of Paulatuk.

Aklavik students spend their week with music video producersThis is the heading

Cabin Radio | Aklavik | Jan 25, 2023 | “We’re not looking for no sorry. Everybody has a story. Addiction can be lonely.” Those are lyrics from Gabrielle McLeod, one of 10 students at Aklavik’s Moose Kerr School developing an original hip-hop fusion music video this week.

Dallaire speaks with Inuvik students about trauma, reconciliation

Cabin Radio | Inuvik | Jan 11, 2023 | Inuvik high school students spent Monday questioning retired Canadian Lieutenant General and Senator Roméo Dallaire, who commanded UN peacekeepers...

'A storm is brewing': Counsellors head to Tuktoyaktuk as mayor says town is in a mental health crisis

CBC North | Tuktoyaktuk | Sept 25 | 'This is a huge concern — an emergency for our community,' says Mayor Erwin Elias. It's been a difficult few years, and a particularly hard past several months in the community of Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T., says the mayor. Right now, the community is working on ways to address a mental health crisis...

'A long heartbreak': Tuktoyaktuk vigil calls for greater mental health supports

CBC North | Tuktoyaktuk | Aug 13, 2022 | Over 100 community members gathered for a vigil in Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T., last month, to remember the lives of two young men in the community. Both took their own lives recently. "Suicide deeply affects the whole community,"

Ulukhaktok mural reflects life in a new land for Muslim teen from Ontario

CBC North | Ulukhaktok | Oct 9, 2022 | For 17-year-old Ruqaiyah Noor-e-Zahra Naqvi, living in the small N.W.T. hamlet of Ulukhaktok means muskox hunts, snowfalls like she's never seen before, drum dances and ravens. Naqvi, a Muslim student at Helen Kalvak School who recently moved to the community of about 400 people brought all those concepts together with the help of fellow student Alison Klengenberg-Kuneluk for a mural that now hangs on a wall at the school. "It's definitely [an] interesting thing for me to try.."

'Milestone' hit as wind turbine arrives in Inuvik, but project now more than $20M over budget

CBC North | Inuvik | Sept 21, 2022 | It wasn't easy delivering a single 3.5-megawatt wind turbine — with blades that at 67 metres span more than the width of a football field — but with the help of three barges, the parts began to arrive in Inuvik, N.W.T., on Tuesday.

Nihtat Energy Ltd. is installing 3,456 solar panels in Inuvik, N.W.T.

CBC North | Inuvik | Aug 16, 2022 | Construction is anticipated to be done by the end of this year, with hopes of getting power to grid by spring. "This project is about energy security and diversifying the energy...

Federal government extends pandemic funding for northern food security

CBC North | Inuvik | Aug 15, 2022 | Part of the funds includes $60.9 million for a new food-sharing program. Additional Nutrition North program subsidies put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic will continue for at least two more years, says federal Minister of Northern Affairs Dan Vandal.

Snowshoes and sex-ed: Fort McPherson youth and elders find a safe, traditional space to talk

CBC North | Teetl'it Zheh-Fort McPherson | Aug 23. 2022 | Camp was used to pass on traditional knowledge while providing space to talk about mental, sexual health. They attended a family camp with health workers held by the Gwich'in Tribal Council — one of several the council plans to hold.

'As an Inuvialuit, it's an honour': Tuktoyaktuk hunters reflect on beluga harvest

CBC North | Tuktoyaktuk | Aug 8, 2022 | Katrina Cockney was near tears recounting her "majestic" first beluga hunt that she recently embarked on alongside her husband and son. "I was really excited," she said, showing videos of her family on the boat and successfully shooting a beluga whale on the boat and successfully shooting a beluga whale near Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T.

100s gather for Midway Lake Music Festival near Fort McPherson, N.W.T. Social Sharing

CBC North | Fort McPherson- Yukon Border | Aug 6, 2022 | People travelled from across the Northwest Territories and from as far away as Bonn, Germany, to take in the Midway Music Festival held outside Fort McPherson, N.W.T., last weekend. Visitors came from Aklavik, Whitehorse, Deline and even Fort Providence to attend the four-day, alcohol-free event.

Drum dancing and science: Tuktoyaktuk summer camp pairs STEM with traditional skills

CBC North | Tuktoyakuk | Aug 7, 2022 | On a rainy Thursday in Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T., last week a group of children, using paper and a sewing needle, built an amplifier for the turntables they were learning to make. Actua Canada, which travels throughout the country delivering youth camps designed to break down barriers...

'This is a historic Pride': Inuvik hosts regional-based Pride event with Amazing Race winners

CBC North | Inuvik | June 13, 2022 | Sirens, bright colours and cheers calling for gender and sexuality inclusivity were the markers of Inuvik, N.W.T.,'s third Pride parade on Friday evening. It was the first time the community had a regional-based Pride event with 15 youth from across the Beaufort Delta...

Inuvialuit electronic musician drops new album inspired by Beaufort Delta's dark winter

CBC North | Inuvik | April 17, 2022 | Picture yourself on a journey through space, leaving your home on Earth, a place where you may never return.

Délı̨nę elder says local health centre failed to detect tumour that nearly killed him

CBC North | Inuvik | March 11, 2022 | Follow Ups: 'If I have to die, so be it': Advocating for change, Délı̨nę elder with advanced cancer heads home - https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/morris-neyelle-stage-four-cancer-1.6404358 Morris Neyelle, Délı̨nę elder and knowledge-keeper who fought for better healthcare in N.W.T., dies at 71

By Inuit, for Inuit: Qanuippitaa? National Inuit Health Survey gets underway in Inuvialuit region

CBC North | Inuvik | March 21, 2022 | "Do you want to get out more on the land?" That's one of the questions being asked of Inuvialuit community members in a national Inuit-led survey underway in the Beaufort-Delta region.

Man kicked out of Inuvik shelters has a question: Where should I go?

CBC News | Inuvik | Jan 27, 2022 | Richard Bryce Tardiff Jr. has worn out his welcome at shelters in Inuvik, N.W.T. and has found himself with no place to stay in the middle of winter. "I'm homeless, what else am I going to do? Do they expect me to freeze outside? I could figure out like a few days or a week but 30 days? I have nowhere to go," he told CBC News.

Inuvialuit artist Karis Gruben featured in graphic novel on international river deltas

CBC North | Inuvik | Feb 21, 2022 | "It's going to be nice, showing the people from my region that 'hey, this is you this is you in this story,' " said Gruben.

New virtual resources available for people in N.W.T. experiencing intimate partner violence

CBC North | Yellowknife | Feb 3, 2022 | The Status of Women Council of the NWT is offering new safety resources for those facing intimate partner violence.

Another Gwich'in athlete added to the list of Olympians as Alexandria Loutitt and team win bronze

CBC North | Yellowknife | Feb 10, 2022 | 'We have a number of young people chasing their dreams across Canada,' says grand chief.

Ice-diving in Arctic Ocean part of this year's Operation Nanook-Nunalivut

CBC North | Tuktoyaktuk | Feb 24, 2022 | Sailor 1st Class Julia Garlock, 21, made her first ice dive in the Arctic Ocean near Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T., this week during Joint Task Force North's annual Operation Nanook-Nunalivut.The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and Joint Task Force North (JTFN) brought up more than 200 CAF personnel...

The impact of a letter: Ottawa community talks Amnesty International

The Pigeon: Long-form Journalism | Ottawa | Dec 11, 2020 | Babacar Faye sits outside a coffee shop next to the University of Ottawa campus between classes. It’s his fourth year studying political science and second studying common law, and, since March, he is the first Black University Student president...

University of Ottawa ‘ties-the-knot’ with Taiwan’s National Dong Hwa University

The Fulcrum | Ottawa | Sept 27, 2020 | n Sept. 24, the University of Ottawa’s faculty of social sciences (FSS) announced that it is partnering with Taiwan’s National Dong Hwa University College of Indigenous Studies (NDHU-CIS). “This is a really exciting and important project providing a greater opportunity for Indigenous and non-Indigenous here...

U of O professor finds that self-harm can be socially contagious, research resonates with Northern Ontario First Nation youth overcoming self-harm

The Fulcrum | Ottawa | Nov 1, 2020 | After using data collected from over 1,400 Ontarian teenagers aged 14-17 in 2014, epidemiologist and University of Ottawa associate professor Ian Colman’s study on non-suicidal self-injury confirms a harmful..

U of O’s Indigenous Resource Centre hosts panel addressing racism and segregation in the Canadian health care system

The Fulcrum | Ottawa | Oct 29, 2020 | Speakers talk about the history of 'Indian Hospitals', improving ant-racism, cultural training.The event focused on the historical and contemporary health care segregation of the Indigenous and brought U of O alumni Dr. Kona Williams – Canada’s only Indigenous forensic pathologist.

CIHR awards grant funding to six U of O COVID-19 mental health projects

The Fulcrum | Ottawa | Oct 17, 2020 | RESEARCHERS RECEIVED A COMBINED TOTAL OF OVER $1 MILLION Six University of Ottawa affiliated COVID-19 mental health projects have been selected to receive a combined total of over $1 million in funding grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.The funding is part of the Government of Canada’s..

‘We are tired’: Demonstrators march on downtown Ottawa for Indigenous Solidarity

The Fulcrum | Ottawa | Oct 24, 2020 | HOCKEY PLAYERS, REFUGEES, RETIREES, AND STUDENTS SHARE THEIR EXPERIENCES - Around a hundred Ottawans took to the streets downtown on Oct. 9 to offer their support towards the fight for Indigenous solidarity in Canada.

Increase in youth volunteers combating homelessness in Ottawa

The Fulcrum | Ottawa | Oct 17, 2020 | OTTAWA’S SHEPHERDS OF GOOD HOPE SHELTER RELYING HEAVILY ON STUDENT VOLUNTEERS The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a surprising and unexpected surge of volunteers at Ottawa’s Shepherds of Good Hope homeless shelter and kitchen.

Local paddlers complete 200 km journey towards water conservation and education

The Fulcrum | Ottawa | Oct 11, 2020 | The Women are youth ambassadors under the national Ocean Bridge program bridging traditional Indigenous knowledge. Local paddlers Anika Smithson, Monika Szpytko along with Burlington’s Danika Guppy can finally get rid of their sea legs.

U of O first-years create Instagram pages to fight harassment and racism on campus

The Fulcrum | Ottawa | Sept 6, 2020 | Incoming first-year University of Ottawa students have created a space to share and expose campus discrimination, including stalking, racism from professors, mental health stigma, non-inclusive sports teams well as inadequate support for students with disabilities on campus.

‘It feels like no one is listening,’ says U of O alumnus on inaccessible University of Ottawa Health Services

The Fulcrum | Ottawa | Sept 14, 2020 | Overwhelming demand has caused the University of Ottawa Health Services’ (UOHS) phone line to crash. This occurred mere days before classes started at the University of Ottawa and throughout the week. Quebec resident Myriem Sahouli tweeted her concern and frustration...

Q&A: U of O nursing students on the COVID-19 frontlines

The Fulcrum | Ottawa | Sept 24 2020 | Nursing students talk misinformation around COVID-19, importance of mental health and self-care, and clear communication from the university. There was a lot of misinformation and the thing about information in the pandemic is that it does change. So what experts considered to be the best line of defense at the beginning..|

‘First of its kind’ Inuit trainee program celebrates first-ever graduating class

The Fulcrum | Ottawa | Sept 29, 2020 | Echoing throughout the remnant stained glass of the former Sandy Hill All Saints Anglican Church on Sept. 17 was an emotional celebration of the first-ever diploma graduating class of the Inuit Community Support Worker and Management Trainee Program.

Coalition, U of O law professors and students to assist in challenging mass evictions in Sandy Hill

The Fulcrum | Ottawa | Sept 27, 2020 | “We are talking about a housing crisis,” said Sloane Mulligin, a voluntary support organizer for the coalition Tenants of 146-170 Osgoode St. vs. Renovictions. “This is happening right in front of our eyes. This is the time when people need to step in, question, and challenge it.”

U of O welcomes students back with new Indigenous sign

The Fulcrum | Ottawa | Sept 9, 2020 | While most students and professors are returning back to school virtually or on campus, the University of Ottawa is welcoming passer-bys with a new welcome sign featuring various Indigenous languages. “I think [it’s] much more than just a sign, It is a beacon of art and culture,” said Tagwanibisan Armitage-Smith, a fourth-year bachelor of arts and Indigenous studies student

Parry Sounders march for climate change, call for regional action

Parry Sound North Star | Parry Sound | Jan 20, 2020 | The mimicking sound of a heartbeat echoed from a deer hide drum through the downtown Parry Sound streets the second Friday of the new year. On Jan. 10, a group of 28 – both young and old – marched demanding greater environmental responsibility...

Gchi Dewin - Big Heart

Parry Sound North Star | Dec 5, 2019 | Front Page | The fifth annual Gchi Dewin Indigenous Storytelling Festival took place last weekend, free to the public at the Stockey Centre...

Lighting the 7th Fire at the Gchi Dewin Indigenous Storytelling Festivals the heading

Muskrat Magazine | Parry Sound | Jan 3, 2020 | The Festival name Gchi Dewin which means “Big Heart” in Anishinaabemowin aims to bridge traditional knowledge with contemporary mediums of storytelling. Encompassed by this year’s theme ‘Prophesy’, the Festival opened with the documentary...

Radical Softness

The Coast | Halifax | July 18, 2018 | Drag artist Brad Jones—AKA Jennifer DaFuque—is making space for Indigenous identity at Halifax Pride....

Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative will work on the ground with South Sudanese

The Signal | Halifax | February 2018 | Dalhousie University initiative receives $3.1 million towards eliminating use of child soldiers....

Journalists, writers need to be more respectful to families of MMIWG, says panel

Ku'ku'kwes: Independent Indigenous News | Halifax | April 26, 2018 | “The lives that victims lead, there is a stigma attached,” Delilah Saunders said...

Photo Essay: Halifax’s second Women’s March encourages people to ‘Walk the Talk’ for all women

The Signal | Halifax | Jan 21, 2018 | Hundreds attended the second annual Women’s March outside Halifax City Hall on Saturday. Host Rana Zaman welcomed...

Anchor City Rollers start junior roller derby

The Signal | Halifax | Jan 26, 2018 | This winter, some Halifax kids are lacing up their skates, but they aren’t headed to the ice rink. Anchor City Rollers are developing a junior roller derby program, which launched on Jan. 12...

‘Optimism is not a choice, it’s just the way we have to live up there’

The Watch Magazine | Halifax | Nov 30, 2017 | The Carleton Music Bar and Grill was lively Sunday night with no ordinary foot-stomping ceilidh music gathering. The Jerry Cans’, multicultural band from Iqaluit....

Running for Guatemala

The Running Room Magazine | Halifax | Aug 20, 2018 | In May, a group of 10 volunteers met up in Halifax for Atlantic Canada’s largest charity race at the Blue Nose Marathon. Specifically, they ran in support of the Breaking the Silence...

Welcome ceremony for Judge Ann Marie Simmons marks gender parity

The Signal | Halifax | Feb 3, 2018 | Tears and laughs were shared Friday afternoon at Halifax provincial court as Ann Marie Simmons was welcomed as the eighteenth female full-time Nova Scotia provincial judge...

City Natives wins fourth ECMA Indigenous Artist of the Year award

Ku'ku'kwes Independent Indigenous News | Halifax | May 4, 2018 | It was a big night for Rap/Hip-Hop group City Natives at the East Coast Music Awards gala show in Halifax Thursday evening. The group won the Indigenous Artist of the Year award for the fourth time...

MNO Honourary Senator celebrates Màmawi Together National Challenge launch

Métis Nation of Ontario | Ottawa | Sept 24, 2018 | Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Honourary Senator Reta Gordon spent the afternoon of July 14, as an honoured guest at the Màmawi Together barbecue...

Coffee, seed saving, traditional knowledge, and justice: Reflections from Indigenous Guatemalan accompaniment training

Naotkkamegwanning Mazina'igan | Tatamagouche | May 31, 2019 | A one-way, rural Nova Scotian road is not the most obvious place to train and learn the critical value of solidarity...

Halifax vying to host North American Indigenous Games in 2020

Ku'ku'kwes Independent Indigenous News | Millbrook First Nation | April 13, 2018 | Members of a Nova Scotia committee hoping to bring the North American Indigenous Games to Halifax in 2020 got a chance this week to show the selection team...

Genocide educator shows Halifax the power of the human story in tackling hate

The Signal | Halifax | Jan 19, 2018 | Globally recognized humanitarian Stephen Smith says the solution to countering hate is to translate global atrocities into local and relatable human stories...

A museum in the making: Halifax group wants world music centre

The Signal | Halifax | Jan 16, 2018 | Mohammad Sahraei, an immigrant from Iran, is spearheading this movement as the director of the Halifax World Music Museum initiative. Sahraei, who’s also an ethnomusicologist...

‘Love and understanding’: Dalhousie hosts first TRC cafe

The Signal | Halifax | Feb 9, 2018 | In a meeting room in the Dalhousie Student Union Building on Tuesday, over 30 people talked about how to better relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. The Truth and Reconciliation...

Good Neighbour Energy Fund expanded to include more Nova Scotians

The Signal | Halifax | Jan 16, 2018 | The income threshold went from $16,000 in 2017 to $21,000 for single income and from $24,000 to $39,000 for a family of four. The Salvation Army, which runs the program, started to take applications on Monday...

Dolores and Naomi in the home: Halifax retirement home brings seniors to local play

The Signal | Halifax | Feb 11, 2018 | Neptune Theatre’s 'Jonas and Barry in the Home’ takes on aging, sex, family and death in seniors residence. The play by writer and actor Norm Foster titled Jonas and Barry in the Home follows a wellness coach and two new friends at a retirement home...

First Nations short films cross the country, screen in Halifax

The Watch Magazine | Halifax | Nov 8, 2017 | Touched and devastated by the accidental death of her collaborator, Wapikoni Awashish, and the number of indigenous youth suicides, Manon Bardeau created a mobile studio which has been traveling across Canada into Indigenous communities since 2004...

Halifax youth pave the way for child protection

The Watch Magazine | Halifax | Oct 13, 2017 | Over 51 different non–state actors around the world are using children to fight their wars and acts of terrorism, says Dustin Johnson. Johnson is from Halifax’s Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative. The worldwide exploitation of children in warfare has no easy solution.

Farmers get more funding help to truck limestone for ‘happy’ plants

The Signal | Halifax | Feb 17, 2018 | Farmers now have access to $10,000 more in provincial support to cover necessary costs for limestone, an agent for growable soil for fruits, vegetables and grains in Nova Scotia. “It’s good (the government is) recognizing the value in it because it is a constant battle for keeping pH..

Seek permission before writing about MMIWG, panel tells creative writers, artists

Ku'ku'kwes Independent Indigenous News | Halifax | April 23, 2018 | Creative writers and artists should seek permission from families of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls before publishing their work, panelists told an audience in Halifax on April 18...

East Coast Music Awards: Q&A with ECMA nominee Don Ross

Ku'ku'kwes Independent Indigenous News | Halifax | April 28, 2018 | Don Ross’s latest album release in 2017, A Million Brazilian Civilians, has earned him an East Coast Music Award nomination for Indigenous Artist of the Year...

East Coast Music Awards: Q&A with ECMA nominee City Natives

Ku'ku'kwes Independent Indigenous News | Halifax | May 2, 2018 | Students at L’nu Sipuk Kina’muokuom (LSK School) in Indian Brook First Nation, N.S. were excited to watch Rap/Hip-Hop group City Natives perform for them...

East Coast Music Awards: Q&A with ECMA nominee Shelby Sappier aka Beaatz

Ku'ku'kwes Independent Indigenous News | Halifax | May 1, 2018 | Shelby Sappier, also known as Beaatz, has been to award shows before. When he was a member of the rap group, City Natives, they won a total of ten awards....

East Coast Music Awards: Q&A with 2018 ECMA nominee Carolina East

Ku'ku'kwes Independent Indigenous News | Halifax | April 17, 2019 | Carolina East is from South River, Newfoundland and Labrador. The 35-year-old musician is one of four musical acts nominated for an East Coast Music Award in the Indigenous Artist of the Year category this year for her self-titled debut album...

High Food Prices, Child Poverty, and discrimination over Sustainability

Canadians for a Sustainable Society | Ottawa | Sept 19, 2016 | According to a new study by Food Secure Canada, people across the Territories living in remote communities such as the James Bay Coast have to spend over half of their income on food in order to meet basic nutritional requirements. For example, Mushkegowuk territory is serviced by only one grocery store...

Corporate Accountability on Sustainability

Canadians for a Sustainable Society | Ottawa | August 17, 2016 | The corporate business model for International trade, as it is now, is not sustainable nor respectful of human dignity and environmental sustainability. As John Erik Meyer...

HRM considering transit-friendly changes for busy roads

The Signal | Halifax | Feb 2, 2018 | The Halifax Regional Municipality is moving forward with plans for changes to some of its busiest streets, and community members are letting their concerns be heard....

Hal-Con 2017: A Recap

The Dalhousie Gazette | Halifax | Oct 3, 2017