Photo: Karli Zschogner

I first began trying out public journaling soon after I finished high school within a gap year traveled and within my roots within Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland (Germany). While it took over ten years to see beyond the self-critic of the lack of professional public writing experience I had, I respect and understand the value journaling now provides in cementing and documenting experiences, that might otherwise be forgotten or devalued.

While subconsciously or not, attending that German language school beside the UN and Deutsche Welle Radio buildings in Bonn, brought me closer to the two main priorities I hold now: human rights and journalism.

My second try at journal or blog writing came during my first life-changing times in my life, shadowing Guatemalan forensic anthropologists as they prepared to support a Mayan family in an exhumation towards the closure and sense of justice from the deplorable 36-year civil war that ended in genocide against the Indigenous peoples.

The result of hate and distrust. 2015 Mayan unmarked exhumation towards closure. Photo: Karli Zscogner

Just finishing my first degree in conflict studies and human rights with psychology with the mind of connecting research, it was my journalism degree later that brought clarity of writing in smaller paragraphs.

With a stronger value of equity, the name remains of deep value: through the journey of living – Empathy and Equality Matters.